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How do you know if your organization or program is achieving its equitable impact goals?


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Equitable Evaluation Practice (EEP) is a research and evaluation enterprise dedicated to measuring the impact of small business interventions for marginalized entrepreneurs.

We specialize in evaluating the impact of…

Small business programs and initiatives within an organization

Business/entrepreneurial support organizations such as incubators and accelerators

City and regional entrepreneurial ecosystems

…. on BIPOC, AAPI, women-owned, and veteran-owned businesses.


Our vision is to create evaluations that lead to better interventions and ultimately parity of business ownership and growth rates regardless of gender, race, or geography.

Customized Approaches Built on Evaluation + Small Business Expertise

“One-size-fits-all” evaluation approaches can create misleading impact measures. We build our custom monitoring and evaluation plans based on each client’s unique theory of change and impact goals. Our planning process is streamlined and our evaluations effective because we get it—we are experts in small business growth and the barriers faced by marginalized entrepreneurs.


Building Businesses with Disadvantaged Entrepreneurs in Europe

Written by Kim Zeuli, EEP | January 30, 2023

The interest in supporting socio-economic disadvantaged entrepreneurs in Europe has grown over the past several years as cities and countries come to understand the importance of removing systemic barriers to entrepreneurship and wealth creation.

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